Today we feature a clothing brand from Matatiele, we did a photoshoot with them at uShaka Marine last Saturday. Read more about this amazing brand below.

“Yes we are from the rural roads of Matatiele but we believe that dusting ourselves off and embracing the beauty that lives within us will take us to greater heights”

BBM Team

Botle Ba Matat, here forth known as BBM, is an organisation that was founded by the youth of Matatiele. It was founded in 2012 with little initial exposure. In the year 2015 members were recruited and developed. The organisation launched with a clothing brand. This served as a stepping stone to explore other avenues, such as enhancing and transforming the talents and skills of the youth in Matatiele and surrounding areas.

Our target market is the youth and youth empowerment. We intend to work closely with other youth foundations and organisations because to empower the youth is to empower the nation, ‘’Inkunzi isematholeni”.

“The best is still yet to come. The brand is growing each and every year and it’s really overwhelming. It’s getting bigger than us now. We are working with artists around Matatiele and other places around the country”, BBM Team

“It’s getting crazy man. We are currently planning something that will accommodate everyone around SA. We want to inspire the youth of this country through our work. New brands will be born under our umbrella. We aspire to inspire before we expire ”, Major, BBM Founder

Botle Ba Matat : BBM

Profiling & Branding

Birthday Photoshoot | One Person Studio Package

Photoshoot Packages

Allows one person

Additional outfit R100 per person and get 5 more images

Additional Person is R200 extra and get 10 more photos.

Get 15 Digital Photos sent to your phone immediately after the photoshoot.

•You may bring one outfit.

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•Our Photographer will assist you with posing tips.

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• Bring a birthday cake, and you may also use our birthday props available in the studio.

To make a reservation please request a booking confirmation

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Please order bigger sizes of Photo Prints and frames after your shoot, request the price list from us.

Nontethelelo Mthembu.

Profiling & Branding

Ukuhamba amazwe ngibone izindawo ezinhle ezahlukene, nabantu ngokuhlukana kwabo kuyiphupho lami.igama lam ngu NONTETHELELO MTHEMBU ngihlala eMBUMBULU ngineminyaka ewu 26.kulonyaka ngisezinhlelweni zokuphumelelisa phupho lam lokuhamba amazwe ngibone nabantu ngokuhlukana kwabo ,ngisemalungiselelweni okuthi ngiye koqala izifundo zokuba flight attendant e SKKY AVIATION ACADEMY.

Andiswa Msani

Profiling & Branding

Ukuba umethuli wezinhlelo kumabonakude nokuba umlingisi ilona iphupho lami elikhulu.

Ukuba umethuli wezinhlelo kumabonakude nokuba umlingisi ilona iphupho lami elikhulu.
igama lami ngingu ANDISWA MSANI ngingowase Mzinto South Coast endaweni ebizwa ngokuthi ikeMALANGEN.
ngineminyaka eyi 19kulonyaka ngihlela ukuthuthukisa ulwazi lwami kuwo lomkhakha kamabonakude .
nakuba bengingakayitholi indawo enkulu,ngiyaye ngivezwe njengomunye wabalingisi abengeziwe emdlalweni yase stained
glass TV nokuyi Durban Gen kanye noZalo.
ngingaphansi kwenkampani efunela abalingisi imidlalo IMIZAN CASTING AGENCY neseyingisize ngahlangana nabantu
ebengingakaze ngizitshele ukuthi ngingahlangana nabo.
Phakathi kwabantu abantu engibukela kubo singabala UMAMA ULELETI KHUMALO nosemkantshubomvu kwezokulingisa.
kanti phakathi kosaziwayo abasakhula ngigqugquzelwa u Thuthuka Mthembu oqhubekayo nokuzenzela igama kwezikamabonakude,nobuye ngikuthole njalo ukuthi ngifana naye.

Nomfundo Mlaba

Profiling & Branding

“Ngiwumuntu onanesineke ngiyakthanda nokuba isbonelo esihle emphakathini.”

Ngiyintombazane enamashumi amabili (20) ubudala. Ngazalwa mhla ziyi 30 kuMasingana ngonyaka ka 2001. Umsebenzi engithanda ukuwenza ukuvakashela amazwe ahlukahlukene (Tourist) ngoba nguwumuntu othandayo ukufunda ngezinto ezintsha ezenzeka kwamanye amazwe,izilimi ezahlukahlukene abazikhulumayo, amasiko bawagcina kanjani kanye nokudla okunhlobonhlobo abakudlayo kanye ngiwumuntu ongaqhelelani nemvelo. Okwamanje ngiwumfundi e-Unisa lapho ngiqeqeshelwa khona ukuba nguthisha. Ngiwumuntu onanesineke ngiyakthanda nokuba isbonelo esihle emphakathini. Umdlalo engiwuthandayo ibhola likanobhutshuzwayo.

“Be your own role Model,” Mthokozisi Mtolo

Profiling & Branding
My name is Mthokozisi Mtkay Mtolo, from Sibizane location (Ixopo, Creighton), I was born on a warm sunny day in 05 June 1993. I grow up at Sbizana until I started a school firstly Sphamandla crèche than I went to Newtonville Primary school, enden my high school at Sonyongwana

I was raised by my dearest loving sister Duduzile Ethel Mtolo and the rest of my family because of we lost our parents so me and the rest of the family we were guided by my sister because she is the only one who is grown up in the left family members, I study until I went to Elangeni tvet college to do my hospitality course for 3 years, luckily I passed all my levels without hesitation. Then I started working at a coffee shop Ngwenya coffee shop based at Pinetown owned by young lady Cara I continue to look for a better job at ICC they phoned me to work there set up position I worked for 1month there because I got another job at Mdloti Bel-Punto restaurant it was 2018 October 02 at the kitchen as prep person and in a pass section of which it a good thing to multi-task as my boss used to say so even now he still saying the same.

As for life to me means family, church members as well as friends who you can trust and who trust you, I am more much on the happy side of life of course, but like all humans on this planet earth I do have my “Days of”. That means I do have some sad days or depressed day, but because of I do believe in God too much such a way that everything that step on my way I just lock my room turn on my gospel music loud and I sing I pray until I stand up again both my feet.

And as for my outlook on the future, I do believe that one day I will run my own restaurant because I think i do have alot information about different dishes and cultures and life inside and outside the restaurant as I said am still working on a restaurant I learn each and every day for my future company. And I also believe that one day I will advertise some brands of our local fashion designers I would love that too be on a Good spotlight some other things I have or done- I do decoration for different occasions, Program director for different ceremony of course eg church, wedding and parties etc, I am a motivational speaker, certificate in acting, stage performance and also I take part in many organizations few of them Inhlabamkhosi boys, Project 90by2030 and Seeds of tomorrow.

Words of encouragement to the youth of South Africa the universe as a whole it doesn’t matter where do you come from and who you are but what matters is the original of yourself who you are, we are tired of people who are copies of other people (Celebrities) out there be your own role model we want new fresh things other original celebrities talk less do more let your actions speak remember to invite God in everything you are planning to do from start till the end stay blessed

For more.


Instagram: mthokozisithidisoh

Instagram :Mthokozisi Mtolo

Millie Designs by Amelia Khanyisile Mtolo.


We had a privilege to work with a very talented fashion designer Amelia Khanyisile Mtolo. Below we share few shots taken during our photoshoot session with her. See her stunning clothing line and I promise you she’s gonna be on top of your fashion designer’s list. Uma kumele uthungise ingqephu please look no further. Here are her contact details ; 079 797 3919 (calls/WhatsApp) email : kanti uyatholaka nasezinkundleni zokuxhumama. Please follow Milie Designs on Facebook and @Milliemtolo on instagram. Visit her office at 12 West Street, West walk Arcade, office 523 on 5th floor.

Nontokozo Mbotho’s 30th Birthday was Celebrated at Dukkah, Florida Road, Durban.


Nontokozo Mbotho, commonly known to as Ntoko Mazama. This gorgeous South African lady was born at KwaMashu:March 10 1990.
She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens, she smiles when she feels like crying and she cries when she’s happy. Her love is unconditional.

” My purpose in life decisions, influences my thinking, shapes my goals, offers a sense of direction and creates meaning.”

Ntokozo Mbotho. 

I’m currently working at SOTRAN TRADING as a Ops manager and I’m doing modelling. I see my self in a different light every day, that’s how I’m able to cope, live, love and enjoy myself and my life.
I am a big dreamer! As they say “a winner is a dreamer who never gives up” play until you score and never stop keep going

Slaying 30👸🏽 30years of Grace! 30years of being awesome! Oh I had a fabulous time at Dukkah Morningside while I was celebrating my 30th birthday. all my friends were awesome! As you all know pics tells it’s all🤗 came and capture all my best moments! Am so grateful.

What would be a celebration without my queens. Thanks to my friends for always having my back.

Nomfundo Diko, Traditional Theme Photoshoot at Paradise Valley Waterfall.


Nomfundo Nonkululeko Diko (25), born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, Kwa-Mashu. I completed my Diploma in Management of Co-operatives at the University of Zululand in 2017, majoring in Accounting and Business Management. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management at the University of South Africa. I am currently employed by the KZN department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental Affairs (edtea) as an intern.

Working with co-operatives has provided me with the opportunity of acquiring various skills and knowledge. It has also instilled in me a sense of compassion and understanding when interacting with clients and colleagues, and has also given me the chance to register co- operatives and maintain rewarding relationships with some of the clients that I meet.

I’m a lover of life and all it’s beauty. I’m passionate about fashion and beauty. I love modelling, and have participated in Miss KZN Teen 2010 as a finalist. I have also worked with different designers such as Pina Colada Brands. I would like to make use of my professional skills and experiences to achieve a successful modelling career.

Nkosikhona Goodman Fanah Xaba


Nkosikhona Goodman Fana Xaba, a grounded young and energetic soul was born first child of five on the 13th January 1986 at Christ the King Hospital at Ixopo, by his late parents Mother Thembani MaDlamini Xaba (who passed on in year 2000) and His father Jabulani Xaba who passed on in 1996. He grew up in Umhlabashane Location in Ixopo and was raised under Zion Church
He started his education at Eluphepheni Lower Primary school at Highflats Location. When he was in Grade 5, his father passed on and life started to be difficult at home since his mother was unemployed. His mother’s cousin stepped in to assist him to further his education. He did his Grade 6-9 at Ixopo Village Intermediate School while staying with his mom’s cousin. His mother passed on while he was in Grade 8 year 2000. His aunt took care of his siblings, he later joined them when he was in Grade 10 and finished his high school at Buthathubunye High School.
Growing up an orphan did not defeat his vision or dream in life. He studied and worked hard with assistance from his aunt, as well as financial assistance from Nfsas to complete his studies at Mangosuthu University of Technology where he obtained a qualification in Public Management. He later did PGCE majoring in Computer Application Technology and Technology at Unisa. While studying he got a job at the library and with salary he earned there he was able to support and educate his siblings at home. He later got a teaching post at Dingizwe High School where he taught for 10 years. He is currently an HOD and teaching at Mpofini Primary School.
He therefore encourages all young people never to allow circumstances to overshadow your dreams. Keep pushing with God on your side. Go to school and get education. No matter how hard things get never lose your vision.
Fana is also talented. He was discovered by Mr. Sanele Nzimande (Ndlelakazifani) who exposed him to TV and Acting. He took his vision to step forward and opened day for him to get roles in local series called Imbewu when he appeared as an extra. He also got an opportunity to do a commercial for Castle Beer that will be on our screen in near future. He is also an ambassador of Imfanekiso. He sees himself being a TV star and a brand in a big production company, being an MC in great events in South Africa. He is also looking at mentoring young people, motivating them to follow their dream. Never let themselves to be defined by their circumstances. His wish is one day to meet his late parents for them to see that even though they left him young he has made it in life and he wishes that they were around to witness his progress. Let them rest well in the bosom of Abraham.
For more information, contact Sanele Nzimande 082 385 0305

Facebuk: FANAH XABA Instagram: FANAH XABA

Cell: 0732755048