Nontokozo Mbotho’s 30th Birthday was Celebrated at Dukkah, Florida Road, Durban.


Nontokozo Mbotho, commonly known to as Ntoko Mazama. This gorgeous South African lady was born at KwaMashu:March 10 1990.
She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens, she smiles when she feels like crying and she cries when she’s happy. Her love is unconditional.

” My purpose in life decisions, influences my thinking, shapes my goals, offers a sense of direction and creates meaning.”

Ntokozo Mbotho. 

I’m currently working at SOTRAN TRADING as a Ops manager and I’m doing modelling. I see my self in a different light every day, that’s how I’m able to cope, live, love and enjoy myself and my life.
I am a big dreamer! As they say “a winner is a dreamer who never gives up” play until you score and never stop keep going

Slaying 30👸🏽 30years of Grace! 30years of being awesome! Oh I had a fabulous time at Dukkah Morningside while I was celebrating my 30th birthday. all my friends were awesome! As you all know pics tells it’s all🤗 came and capture all my best moments! Am so grateful.

What would be a celebration without my queens. Thanks to my friends for always having my back.

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