Ntandoyenkosi Radebe


Ntandoyenkosi Radebe is a 19 year old smart and intelligent lady. Was born and grew up in Port Shepstone. She is currently based in Durban due to studying.She matriculated at Mthwalume High School. She is a first year Educare student at Coastal College Durban Campus. Ntandoyenkosi choose her cause because she is a kind and caring person who’s always willing to help others and put them first. So working with young kids would perfectly suit her personality. During her high school days she participated in the school’s laddies soccer team it. It helped her relax and exercise her body. She was eliminated to take part during sports and she was regarded as the best player. Ntandoyenkosi likes music she plays a big role in the church choir. She’s also the choir master. She has played part in raising funds for buying some groceries for the ones in need in her community. In her spare time she reads books a lot. Her dream is to achieve everything she’s willing to have in life and work hard to have a great future. Most importantly she’s a God Fearing woman she believes that nothing can beat the power of prayer. Ntandoyenkosi is so focused in everything she doesn’t nothing can bring her down or distract her. She doesn’t like being treated in an awful manner.

Instagram: ntandoradebe27
Facebook: Oyintandoyenkosi Radebe
Cell number: 068 054 8675

Lindokuhle Njabulo Gabela


Iam Njabulo L Magabela
Iam at the age of 23, I grew up in Empangeni in KZN in rural area called Kwa-Mthethwa. In present I live in Durban at a place called Inanda Newtown A.

I went to a school in my rural area at Empangeni called Ogome Technical school where I obtained my grade 11.

I am a person who has a talent in music as well as a Rapper. I am a very kind person who can manange people, cause I had a movement I founded called 431 which had a purpose in helping those who were upcoming artist in order for them to get assistance in recording labels were not as famous as many…

From a young age I have always had a passion for modelling. listening to music is number one for me as it makes me feel so ecstatic . I have fallen so in love with modelling because I have the right attitude and I look forward to having a career under this passion I have.

On my spare time I watch movies about teen ballerinas and young singers , And I do write music in my spare time… I write according on the feeling i have as well as my mood I’m in at that particular time.

I always had a dream of becoming a star not just a star but the super star, my peers wanted to become doctors, lawyers e.t.c but all i wanted was to do modelling and music, I am willing to my all cause I know its not going to be an easy journey…

My goal would be achieving what was meant to be mine and something I worked really hard for it.

Facebook: Njabulo L Magabela
Instragram: @njabulolmagabel
Email: Ibhubesig@gmail.com

Yolanda Hlongwane


The name is Yolanda Hlongwane from Durban Umlazi but currently staying at Chesterville, at the age of 22 years old.

I went to St’ Raphael primary school, then went to Durban Girls High School which is where I begined to see myself enjoying Dance(all kinds), that’s the phrase where I also found myself enjoying cooking which also I indeed do in IHS for two months.

I currently started working for Imifanekiso as a model. I’ll consider myself as a very driven and a passionate woman, Whereby I started the modelling career on the year 2018.

As for Dance, I have never performed for any artists But have been on a group (company) named Prosper.

Name: Yolanda
Surname: Hlongwane
Email: yolandahlongwane268@gmail.com
Cell number: 0629563168
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years old
Nationality: South African
Race: Zulu
Height: 1,56cm
Weight: 50 cm
Waist: 28/30
Waist size: S and medium
Shoe size: 4/5
Hair color- black
Eye color- brown

Andile Mafu


My name is Andile Buhlebemvelo Mafu, 22 years old, from Port Shepstone.
I recently completed my diploma in Information technology management at Rosebank College,durban campus.
I am currently studying at Africa College of Technology and I’m also working as a peer educator at Dreams Thina Abantu Abasha.

I am a young aspiring fashion/runway model based in Durban and I have been in the modelling industry since 2019. I was part of Ugu Fashion Wine and Music Experience 2019 as a Model which was my first fashion show gig.

I believe that there is nothing more then embracing your dark skin.

Height: 1.7 m

Facebook: Andile Buhlebemvelo Mafu
Instagram: u_buhlebemvelo
Cellphone number: 0716440643



I’m a 22 year old girl born in PMB later moved to PINE TOWN. I went to Ashley primary school,and my high school years were in Highway college, which is where I matriculated.i then went to Creative arts college to study fashion,then graduated in 2019.

During my College years I was doing a part time job which went well, I then decided to challenge myself by getting in the call center world for a good 8months (CCI canegate ).

I am currently working for Imifanekiso as a Personal assistance and model, I am a very outgoing person, outspoken, business minded as well as a risk taker. I love learning new things and moving forward.

What I love doing the most is reading novels, writing, plaiting hair as well as cooking.

My goals: 1. build strong relationships on a daily 2. Stand out from a crowd 3. Be open to change 4 escalate and understand my leadership skills

Life message I live by : Everything is within your power, and your power is within you …

Trust the timing of your life
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
Celebrate every win no matter how small.

Savage Girls


Savage Galz have been involved in local activities and performed in alot of local places, I name Sbu’s lounge from the hood at Inanda, the Encorlounge at Waterloo, Molweni, KwaMashu the list goes on. They have worked with the likes of Distraction boys, k dot, Santana, Emo kids, Quality fam and Qg(Andlile) and extensive boys so far in the entertainment industry as they are also looking forward on working with the afrotainment or westwink. Ending up having their own recording label which will be called by the group’s name ( Savage galz) is also their dream since they believe their music is a quality. Not forgetting their dream of giving back to the community where they will assist young stars in reaching their goals. Photography by IMIFANEKISO.

Slindile Nyambose | Imifanekiso


Shine like the whole universe is yours, they say it takes courage to be yourself and truly be confident with who you are. With this shoot we wanted to demonstrate beauty, confidence and sexiness. If you go through these images you’d see that we shot some snaps outdoors. We mixed it up with fashion and glam looks. The lights at the harbor played a magnificent role on helping us obtain that trendy Hollywood style. I mean the Model (Slindile Nyambose) did the most with her fashion sense, style, wardrobe and poses. We also did shots indoors, well these are treasure. I won’t say much but I think Slindile delivered gold here. Browse through ungezwa ngomuntu ekutshela.

Model : @slindile_nyambose

Photographer : @Senzokhaya_khambule